Un voyage à chaque tasse #2 - San Francisco 2018

A Journey to Every Cup #2 - San Francisco 2018

Xavier in front of a gleaming Probat UG-22
I opened the store in 2014, and life as a young entrepreneur being what it is, my first real vacation was 4 years later 🥴
The year 18 of the 3rd millennium meant a lot for our future: it was the year Monark was born! Before starting our roasting project, my sweetheart and I treated ourselves to a trip to California ☀️ Especially to get a little outdoors and LOTS of visits to roasters!

San Francisco is pretty much the coffee mecca of North America. I'm hardly exaggerating when I say there's a cafe on every corner! 🤪 For me, it was the ideal place to see what was being done, visit the pioneers of specialty coffee (Ritual, Verve) and also lesser known but equally interesting roasters (Cat n ​​Cloud, Sightglass, Sextant).

The lesson I learned upon my return, and which shapes our vision at Monark, is that coffee should remain fun! The fun we have in finding you good beans, in sharing with you your favorite moment of the day, is what makes us want to get up in the morning (and a good latte!) 😘
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