Le café est un voyage à chaque tasse #3 - Monts Valin 2022

Coffee is a journey with every cup #3 - Monts Valin 2022

Even the Parc des Monts-Valin guide was flabergasted: the winter we just had was one of the most spectacular in memory. A kind of perfect storm of heavy snow and stubborn cold offered us a fairly difficult but magical playground. ❄

On the menu: 28km of snowshoeing in 130cm of new snow, a positive altitude difference of 1500m and a -27°C which took away the taste of taking a snack break let's say 🥶

When hiking or camping, it may seem superfluous to bring your own coffee equipment, brewer, filters and various accessories. But where's the fun in getting up in a Frette refuge if it's not to make a damn good coffee? Well that’s it! 🥲

I'll leave you with some photos of our journey, admire my face which combines "pleasure" and "agony" haha!

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