The story behind Monark

Xavier contemplating a Probat UG22 in California

- Xavier who is contemplating a Probat UG22 in California.

CAFÉ MONARK - Proudly Quebecois artisan roaster

When we opened the doors of our boutique Le Fridge in 2014, we chose to offer specialty coffees roasted in Quebec. We thought it was a shame that the so-called “third wave” coffee shops (I never really liked that expression, to be honest) preferred to offer coffees cooked in the United States rather than supporting local roasters. Since then, several good artisans have joined the ranks of veteran roasters to meet the growing demand for coffees that taste good!

With Monark, it’s up to us to introduce you to our vision of coffee. Our mission? Offer a selection of original coffees and blends that pique curiosity. The world of coffee is little-known, and we want to introduce it to you :) We will have beans for all tastes, from more traditional blends to more trendy single-origin coffees! Coffee is teamwork between the producers (the real magicians), the roaster and you, without whom everything we do is useless.

Why Monark?

Coffee is a product that travels, which migrates from the tropics to us. It is also a product that can be transformed. Starting out as a fruit, it goes through several stages to end up in your cup. Monark represents both this journey and this transformation. Plus, it's the most beautiful insect in the world ;)

We are pleased to welcome you to our workshop at 5157, boul Guillaume-Couture in Lévis. See you soon and good coffee!

- Xavier and Mathieu, co-owners