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Finding a good coffee shop, in 3 easy tips

If you like (like us!) discovering “coffee shops” throughout the region, you know that you can sometimes come across poor quality beverages. In addition, because prices are generally similar everywhere, it's annoying not to have the same quality/price ratio as the coffee drunk the day before. Here are our three tips for finding coffee shops that are worth it!

1. The coffee machines are in view of customers: It's simply a question of transparency and pride. Professional coffee shops know what they're doing and are willing to show it. They also take pride in their equipment, which they keep clean and in good condition. If you don't see the coffee machines near the counter, it's because coffee isn't a priority there and you can find much better elsewhere!

2. The workspace is clean: Serious baristas keep their counters and equipment clean. They clean the steam nozzle with a damp cloth, meticulously remove coffee residue from the filter holder and quickly pick up small spills. If you see a dirty nozzle, a stained counter and uncleaned portafilters, the next thing you are likely to see is bad coffee ;)

3. Espresso grinders are used one order at a time: Coffee must be ground one order at a time, otherwise the bean loses its oils and flavors. If you hear the grinder motor start between each command, you will have a good espresso in the majority of cases. If you don't hear anything, it's suspicious. If you don't see a windmill, run away!

You are now equipped to explore the best caffeinated spots! Finally, we want to thank the caring “coffee shops” who care about the satisfaction of their customers and who allow people to discover the fabulous world of coffee!

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