Route des bières du bas du Fleuve

Lower River Beer Route

Lower River Beer Route

Since this is not a loop, we suggest you start your route with the brewery furthest from your starting point (Lévis). This way, this route *can* be done in a day. However, it is more than pleasant to do it in 2 days and to sleep in a small lodge or campsite!
Driving time: 4h20
Done in: 2 days (have a designated driver)

La Fabrique (360 Av St-Jérôme, Matane)
The first visit to the Factory is always pleasantly surprising. This small craft brewery brews little gems, without fanfare. Go here for their English classics, sharp-hopped IPAs and barrel-aged beers. Oh and the mussels, yum.
Favorites: Gros Char (IPA), Salamagone (Amber Ale) and the passing beer of the moment!

Le Bien le Malt (141 Avenue Belzile, Rimouski)
It’s THE spot in Rimouski! You will be treated to mainly English recipes, some American-style products and a warm neighborhood bar atmosphere. The beers are honest and leave room for your discussions (that's also beer, right? ;))
Favorites: Noctambule (Dry Stout), Numéro 8 (IPA) and Potemkine (Imperial Stout)

Aux Fous Brassant (262 Rue Lafontaine, Rivière-du-Loup)
Halfway along your route, you will find Les Fous Brassant. Ales of all styles are simmered there, for both beginners and experienced customers. You can also leave with their bottled beers, which are distributed in local grocery stores!
Favorites: Fun Noir (Sweet Stout) and Jean-Eudes (Scotch Ale)

La Tête d’Allumette (265 route 132 west, St-André de Kamouraska)
Here, the beer is only matched by the view! Located a stone's throw from the river, you can enjoy beers brewed over a wood fire, unique in North America. This technique is a way of proving the great talent of Martin Desautels, the local brewer, who skillfully uses ingredients in his recipes.
Favorites: Tête Carrée (Bitter), Tête de Pioche (Saison) and Gasket de Tête (Stout)

Ras l'Bock (250 Rue du Quai, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli)
We're breaking out English styles here to enjoy elegant Belgian beers and explosive IPAs! On the terrace above the quay, you can congratulate yourself on having triumphed over the lower river beer route. And why not finish it off at the OK bistro, located just below the micro?
Favorites: Panache (Saison), Éclypse (Black IPA) and Solution (IPA)

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