Route des bières de Lévis Bellechasse

Lévis Bellechasse beer route

Lévis-Bellechasse beer route

Driving time: 2h30
Done in: 1 day (have a designated driver)
**Watch opening hours, especially for Frampton Brasse which has reduced hours in winter**

Pub le Corsaire (5955 Rue Saint-Laurent, Lévis)
Sit by the river, eat your dinner on site and try these classic English beers, always with a rebel touch! Perfect for starting the route, as the range of light beers is excellent.
Our favorites: The Kirke (Session) and the Davy Jones (Stout)

Bellechasse Microbrewery (2020 de l’Église, Buckland)
Have you ever “parked” at church to go to the pub? Installed in the old village credit union, Gabriel and Anabelle will welcome you as it should be with well-developed traditional recipes, traveling between Germany, Belgium and England.
Our favorites: St-Charles (Berliner with potatoes) and St-Michel (Belgian Triple)

Frampton Brasse (Range 5 and 6, Frampton, at the Auberge la Chanterelle)
This brewery has, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful panoramas in the region! Sit in the rocking chair, watch the horses and the Poulin family's big dog pass by, taste their gourmet beers and watch the sunset stretch out before you.
Our favorites: The IIPA (Imperial IPA) and the Sieur de Léry (Pilsner)

La Boîte à Malt (room 402, 1810 Route des Rivières, Lévis)
After a stint in the countryside, back in town! La Boîte à Malt is a pretty bar which often hosts events (comedy and music shows, sports matches) with beers for all tastes. Why not try a tasting palette?
Our favorites: Tomahawk (American IPA) and St-Nic (Triple)

PS Would you be interested in participating in organized tours of several microbreweries? If so why ? Let us know your suggestions in the comments, thank you!

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