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The praise of glass

“If beer is man’s companion, glass is his best friend.”
- Anonymous philosopher.

The glass is the most essential tool for enjoying a beer properly. If different shapes exist according to folklore, the tulip glass and the red wine glass are the two types most conducive to the explosion of flavors and aromas! Here's why :

I will start by saying that your beer will reveal itself more easily in a glass than in the bottle, regardless of the glass chosen (mug, pint, boot or other). The temperature will be more appropriate, the aeration will allow the alcohol to leave room for flavors and you will be able to smell the aromas of your beer! If the glass does not benefit your beer, it may be a sign that it is of low quality.

For optimal tasting, the tulip glass (see photo) or the wine glass will be your main ally! Indeed, these glasses with a rounded shape allow uniform aeration of the liquid, the conservation of odors inside the balloon, a temperature controlled by the base of the glass (if you hold it by the base, obviously) and finally the creation with a beautiful mouthful of appetizing foam!

It's far from being snobbish to drink your beer from a glass, it's simply a sign that you want to enjoy the moment 100%. See you next time !

Source (Thanks to Biére de Lys and Bière-Luc):

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