Histoire de voyage #1 - Pérou 2012

Travel Story #1 – Peru 2012

Xavier on a trip to Peru
In my younger days (2012), I wasn't a big fan of coffee. Obviously we're talking about commercial coffee of all kinds: gas station coffee, coffee in a can with a fantastic jingle, coffee that tastes like the bottom of an ashtray, you know the type 😉
And then, when I got to CEGEP, I treated myself to a slightly crazy trip with my sister to Peru. A tent, a sleeping place, no reservations anywhere except our return ticket. So not ready that we didn't even go to Macchu Pichu 🙃

So you think I'm going to tell you about the delicious Peruvian coffee enjoyed in abundance in the Inca valleys? Well no! The coffee was terrible there 🤣 They call it Café con Léché, half convenience store coffee and half milk, a little yellow and “mas o menos terrible”.

The thing is that in producing countries, good coffee is for others, in other words for export. They drink what's left, the Third Wave, they don't care!

Until we came across a coffee roaster in Cusco who served me my first delicious cappuccino in my life! Perfect texture, sweet milk and espresso poured on a gorgeous old red chrome machine. That's when I got the bug. 8000km from us. It was a long way to discover coffee but it was worth it ☕
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