Grandes nouvelles pour le Fridge

Big news for the Fridge

The Fridge in 2015 Since 2014, we have welcomed you to our small shop at 39, Président-Kennedy, to recommend beers, coffees and teas that taste good. We saw people passing by the store, sometimes skeptical of our project, but generally very happy to have a dynamic and independent business in Lévis.

All this would be impossible without you, our loyal customers. Some have trusted us from the very beginning, others only discovered us yesterday (where were you, in a cave?), but know that each of your visits to us touches us enormously. It's a simple little gesture to buy local, to take the time to discover. But it makes a huge difference for a lot of people, from the farmer to the producer to us, the retailer. I hope you taste all this passion and work in the products we sell you :)

Now it's time for big announcements.

First, we will officially be moving at the end of August 2018! And yes, the Fridge will be getting a makeover in a brand new location at 5157, boul. Guillaume Couture. Only 700m from our current location, we will be much more accessible and convenient for all people on the South Shore!

Then you may have noticed, but our website has changed. It is still a little under construction, but the important thing is to note that our site is now divided into two sections: Boutique Le Fridge and... Monark | Micro roaster! But what is this, Monark?

Starting in August, we will have our own coffee roasting workshop in Lévis! Monark is our vision of coffee, a product that takes you on a journey. Our mission? Offering you coffees that pique your curiosity. We will have a magnificent roaster on site, in full view, and we will offer you our beans in the store. We will also offer our coffees to local businesses (bakeries, cafes, butchers, grocery stores) and offices who want delicious coffee.

If you would like more information on our coffee offering for your business or office, do not hesitate to contact us at

Follow us on our website, Facebook and in our store to see the progress of our project! Thank you again for your trust and we'll see you very soon :)

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Longue Vie Au Fridge. Un endroit magique qui nous fait découvrir plein de bonne saveur de bières, café, et des surprises

Michel ouellet

Bonne chance au Fridge !!!!!

Robert ouellet

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