Devenir torréfacteur: série de blogues sur notre approche café

Becoming a roaster: blog series on our coffee approach

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You don't become a roaster without doing a lot of testing and tasting!

When I see a new business or business starting up, I always appreciate when there is a story behind it. A brand with a nice logo is great, but that doesn't tell me much about why the founders chose to dedicate a good part of their lives to this project ;)

With the Becoming a Roaster series, my goal is to present to you all the work that goes behind a product. Over the next few months, I will talk to you about our thoughts, our journey in this wonderful world of coffee. If, through the tape, you learn more about this product that is part of your daily life, it will be even better!

The first blog, which will be published this week, will discuss our method of developing our coffee range and our choices of green coffees accordingly. Because there's a lot of work just to prepare an espresso mixture!

Thank you for following us :)

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