Accord bière et met

How to pair beer and food

Whether for a family dinner or a special occasion, beer and food pairings are an alternative that is increasingly appreciated by Quebecers. Here is our foolproof method for creating an interesting pairing, in 2 simple steps:

Similarity agreement
When we want to combine a similar flavor in our beer and our dish, we create a similarity pairing. For example, if you are eating smoked or BBQ meat, a smoked porter or a rauchbier (German smoked lager) will go wonderfully with your dish. If you are eating a dish with exotic fruits, a light American IPA or a Belgian saison will accompany each of your bites! Be careful not to overwhelm the flavors of your dish with those of your beer, and vice versa.

Contrast chord
Do you want to soften the flavor of your dish using the profile of your beer? It's possible ! Do you want to add new flavors to your meal? Also possible! By contrasting the flavors of your food and those of your beer, you can make your meal more balanced and unique. For example, acidity reduces saltiness and salty accentuates bitterness. Spices like alcohol and sugar (double and triple Belgian, scotch ale, doppelbock). Finally, fresh vegetables go well with light and fruity beers (Belgian blanche, hefeweizen, pilsner).

Enjoy your meal and have fun!

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