Comment améliorer son espresso à la maison, sans se ruiner

How to improve your espresso at home, without breaking the bank

How to improve your coffee at home without breaking the bank

Many of you buy your coffee from us, thank you! The first step to great coffee is buying good, fresh beans, and you got this ;) Now, if you want to improve your espresso at home, you can change your equipment or work on your technique. In this article, we offer you various adjustments to your equipment without having to buy a new espresso machine, because $$.

Here are 3 steps that will allow you to take your coffee journey to the next level:

#1: Buy yourself an espresso grinder
A what ? And yes ! The most important thing when buying an espresso machine is your grinder. No mill, no control, no freshness, no real crema, no pleasure. If, like 90% of our customers, you have an entry-level pressurized machine (Breville, Saeco, etc.), budget between $100 and $150 for the mill. Look for mills with a burr (which grinds the grain), not a blade (which cuts the grain). Our proposal: the Bodum Bistro mill, which is easily found between $130 and $150, is fairly consistent for this type of machine, while being well built. Plus, it’s useful for all other brewing methods!

#2: Experiment and adjust your grinder
Have fun with your equipment! Make a finer grind, use less coffee, press harder: try things. You should aim for a 2oz double espresso in 20-25 seconds, with a nice dense, brown crema. Leave aside your single filter and use your double filter instead, like the pros!

#3: Take it to the next level with a non-pressurized portafilter
Have you been using your machine and grinder for some time now and are you looking to further improve your favorite beverage? No need to change espresso machines, just have a non-pressurized filter holder! The Saeco filter holder depressurizes without any money, the Breville one only requires a special basket for a few dollars. Once the modification is made, try it with your current grinder to see if you can make a 2oz espresso in 25 seconds. If so, fantastic! If not, you probably need a better grinder. Our suggestion: the Breville Dose Control grinder ($200) offers you impressive precision and gives you control over your extraction.

In short, the quality of your espresso depends more on your grinder and your experience than on your machine. Besides, don't hesitate if you have any questions, we are here to help you bring out the best in our beans :) Finally, here are some useful links to find the equipment listed in the blog:

For the Bodum mill:
For the Breville non-pressurized basket (make sure you have the right size):
For the Breville mill:

Thank you and see you soon !
- Le Fridge Team

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Pouvez-vous me recommander un panier sans fond pour filtre non pressurisé pour ma cafetière DeLonghi ECP 3 series?
Merci beaucoup! :)

Marie-Josée Latour

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