Amateurs de vin, voici 3 bières à essayer!

Wine lovers, here are 3 beers to try!

“If you think you don’t like beer, it’s because you haven’t found your beer yet!”

This is a phrase that I repeat almost every day to customers who come for others, because they don't like "the taste of beer" and prefer wine. There's no problem! You know what? I love wine too ;) The two products are different but can be similar and offer similar flavors, depending on what you like in terms of grape variety. Here are 3 beer recommendations based on the most popular grape varieties in Quebec!

1. Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc and sparkling = BELGIAN TRIPLE
If you like the fruity, sweet and appealing side of these whites, you have to try the Belgian triples! Liquorous, in no way bitter and full-bodied, these beers will amaze you with their flavors of peach, dried apricot and their little spicy touch. Their effervescence is also very pleasant (and hides their alcohol level of 9% too well...). To try: Tante Tricotante (Micro du Lac), Tchucké (Broadway) and Célébrante (Brasseurs du Monde).

2. Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec = AMERICAN-STYLE IPA
If you love fleshy, taut wines with tannins that linger on the palate, look no further: IPAs are for you! Depending on the hops used, you will have tropical fruits, grapefruit zest or spruce aromas. In any case, the bitterness will be sharp and the aftertaste very tenacious! To try: Yakima (Castor), Foublonne (Le Trèfle Noir), IIPA (Frampton Brasse)

3. Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo and Zinfandel = DOUBLE and QUADRUPLE BELGIAN
Do you like suave wines, where the fruit is soft, very sweet and accompanied by notes of liquorice? Try Belgian brunettes, you will be won over. Their notes of brown sugar, anise and dried fruit are sure to please you! Start with a double like the Dominus Vobiscum Double (Charlevoix) , and then with the more robust Hickson Quadruple (Brasserie 2 Frères).

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