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Monark - Micro-torréfacteur

Espresso Kit - 4 coffees x 170g (delivery included)

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Discover 4 of our coffees designed for espresso in discovery formula - 4 x 170g (680g total). Thanks to our free shipping policy for $35 and above, you benefit from this box without delivery costs.

Example of coffees offered (availability may vary):

Kochere Village: An essential terroir that we roast in a balanced way. The goal? Offering you an original coffee that works well as an espresso, but is bright and fruity.

Strong #1: Our espresso blend with a classic, strong profile. An all-purpose coffee that gives a rich crema, a fatty texture and a good aftertaste that lasts.

Parka: With its chocolate appearance and naturally sweet side, the Parka lends itself particularly well to lattes. It offers a nice balance between bitterness and acidity.

Full-bodied Mexican: A well-poured coffee, with obvious notes of toasted bread and pepper, all in richness. Dark roast without being oily.

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